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    Active engagement with stakeholders

Cairn Lanka adheres to world class Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards while conducting its operations. Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) studies were successfully completed before commencement of exploration work programme activities. Cairn Lanka takes utmost care to protect the environment and constantly strives to minimize impact to flora and fauna, following best international practices.

International best practices and safety procedures and standards are adopted during our operations. For instance, no LTI was reported during the three well drilling programme in Phase I of exploration programme.

A detailed Oil spill contingency programme was ready and approved by statutory authorities ahead of drilling. Several field exercises and mock drills were conducted; the most exhaustive one involving all possible government departments, regulatory bodies, Air Force and Navy, contractors and civic bodies.

Cairn Lanka is actively working with local communities through its CSR programmes. Cairn Lanka (Private) Limited, a subsidiary of Cairn India, signed a MoU with the Presidential Secretariat, Government of Sri Lanka in 2011 to establish School Libraries in 27 rural schools of Moneragala district, Sri Lanka. Implemented in three phases, Cairn has completed Phase I and II of the project and initiated work on the final phase.